What To Expect

Bellie Beth, named after the owner’s daughter Annabella Elizabeth, is a locally owned & operated body positive bra fitting boutique located in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland. Statistics say that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. It’s no wonder we are frustrated with trying to find one that’s comfortable and does what it’s supposed to. A professional bra fitting at Bellie Beth will take away the frustration and guess work. Fittings are always complimentary and there’s no need for an appointment. Come see the difference a proper fit will make, not just to how to look but to how you feel as well, all in a comfortable, relaxing, fuss-free environment.
A bra fitting is not only about discovering your correct size, it’s about learning which styles and brands suit your body shape and what will give you the best support and provide the most comfort. Our goal is to help you find the perfect bra for YOU!


  • We will do a quick measurement over your shirt as a starting point.
  • We will bring you one bra to try and will check it on your body. This will help us show you where improvements can be made.
  • We will bring in different brands and styles for you to try and together we will find the best-fitting and most comfortable bra.